Jenelle Evans Threatens To Quit ‘Teen Mom 2’ Again: ‘I Don’t Need’ The Show

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The Feb. 18 episode of Teen Mom 2 was a wild one for Jenelle Evans, as she told her producer, Kristen, that this will “probably be my last season” of the show. Why? Well, Jenelle said that she doesn’t feel MTV respects her and she claims the network is constantly giving her a “bad rap”. Her examples included the fact that MTV aired her 911 call, which she said was a big “misunderstanding”, and refused to film her husband, DavidEason, whenever he’s around — even though he was fired after he posted homophobic tweets online. Still, Jenelle doesn’t feel the network was being respectful towards her, and she made that very clear this week. “MTV keeps giving me a bad rap,” she explained. “I want some respect dude. Like I want some f***ing respect. Even if I’m never on TV again, that’s fine. I have other s*** I’m working on, so I’m fine with that. Once you push me away, everyone should know, I don’t trust you again. That’s why I don’t talk to [my ex-husband] Nathan [Griffith]. That’s why I don’t talk to [my former best friend] Tori [Rhyne]. If you hurt me enough, I won’t talk to you until you to prove to me that I can trust you again. And that takes a long time.”

She continued, “I feel like [MTV] never believes me. And everything I say to them is a lie. And everything they read online, that’s what they believe. And they don’t know anything about me. They don’t know what I do, how I act. They don’t even know my favorite food anymore, or they don’t know what’s going on with me mentally, physically, my health issues, unless I share it, unless I open my mouth. This will probably be my last season because I realize I don’t need MTV. I need myself because I’m the only one that’s important here. This show is not important. Me, myself as a person, everyone likes me. They don’t like the Jenelle they see on TV that’s always mad, that’s always angry, always yelling around her kids. They don’t see the real me. I finally have someone that supports me and I can’t bring them [around when I’m filming]? You guys shut me out from everything? Fine. [So] you’re against me? [Then] don’t talk to me. Stay the f*** away from me because I’m done.”

Yikes. Obviously, this was filmed in late 2018, so a lot of time has passed, and Jenelle’s feelings may have changed since then. Plus, she’s threatened to quitthe show a few times before, so there’s always a change she’ll stick it out. And when HollywoodLife asked Jenelle about this particular scene, she told us EXCLUSIVELY that “[MTV] likes to make things dramatic and hype up the crowd.” But she also didn’t confirm nor deny that she’d quit the series, so anything can happen at this point.

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