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Kaitlin Doubleday, 34, may have acted in both of the hit shows Empire and Nashville, but the actress is now taking on her biggest role yet! That’s because she and her husband Devin Lucien officially became parents, her sister confirmed on Instagram! “Baby Franklin has arrived!” Portia Doubleday wrote, alongside a photo of the newborn. “That’s my nephew!” Kaitlin and Devin, who tied the knot back in 2016, are now a family of three — and we couldn’t be more excited to watch them tackle parenthood together! Kaitlin and Devin are going to be great. They already have pets at home, which means they’ve got some practice in. Not only that, but their social media posts make their love for each other crystal clear. And now they’ll be able to pass that affection onto this bundle of joy!

The actress announced that she was expecting on Instagram at the end of October with a beautiful baby bump pic, but the wait for her firstborn has still felt endless. “Well, I’ve been wearing pretty tents, not partying at weddings , eating everything in sight, dreaming about and ADVIL, cleaning out my garage, laying around thinking about how much I love Kathleen Zellner all day, and just thanking the pregnancy Gods that I’m finally not nauseas anymore beeeeccccaaaaauuuuussseeee… I’m growing a f**king human inside my belly!” Kaitlin said in her reveal. “Although now he really feels more like an incredibly strong fish… maybe even a baby dolphin, and he’ll be here around Valentines Day 2019! Wow, it feels pretty official now that it’s on social media. I can’t believe I’m gonna be someone’s mom. Pray for us!”

Even though she was wearing a daring pink gown in her announcement picture, she let slip that she was expecting a baby boy — and now he’s here!

The Feb. 18 episode of Teen Mom 2 was a wild one for Jenelle Evans, as she told her producer, Kristen, that this will “probably be my last season” of the show. Why? Well, Jenelle said that she doesn’t feel MTV respects her and she claims the network is constantly giving her a “bad rap”. Her examples included the fact that MTV aired her 911 call, which she said was a big “misunderstanding”, and refused to film her husband, DavidEason, whenever he’s around — even though he was fired after he posted homophobic tweets online. Still, Jenelle doesn’t feel the network was being respectful towards her, and she made that very clear this week. “MTV keeps giving me a bad rap,” she explained. “I want some respect dude. Like I want some f***ing respect. Even if I’m never on TV again, that’s fine. I have other s*** I’m working on, so I’m fine with that. Once you push me away, everyone should know, I don’t trust you again. That’s why I don’t talk to [my ex-husband] Nathan [Griffith]. That’s why I don’t talk to [my former best friend] Tori [Rhyne]. If you hurt me enough, I won’t talk to you until you to prove to me that I can trust you again. And that takes a long time.”

She continued, “I feel like [MTV] never believes me. And everything I say to them is a lie. And everything they read online, that’s what they believe. And they don’t know anything about me. They don’t know what I do, how I act. They don’t even know my favorite food anymore, or they don’t know what’s going on with me mentally, physically, my health issues, unless I share it, unless I open my mouth. This will probably be my last season because I realize I don’t need MTV. I need myself because I’m the only one that’s important here. This show is not important. Me, myself as a person, everyone likes me. They don’t like the Jenelle they see on TV that’s always mad, that’s always angry, always yelling around her kids. They don’t see the real me. I finally have someone that supports me and I can’t bring them [around when I’m filming]? You guys shut me out from everything? Fine. [So] you’re against me? [Then] don’t talk to me. Stay the f*** away from me because I’m done.”

Yikes. Obviously, this was filmed in late 2018, so a lot of time has passed, and Jenelle’s feelings may have changed since then. Plus, she’s threatened to quitthe show a few times before, so there’s always a change she’ll stick it out. And when HollywoodLife asked Jenelle about this particular scene, she told us EXCLUSIVELY that “[MTV] likes to make things dramatic and hype up the crowd.” But she also didn’t confirm nor deny that she’d quit the series, so anything can happen at this point.

Apple  analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is quite reliable when it comes to Apple’s road map. And he shared a ton of information over the weekend in a new report obtained by 9to5mac. In 2019, you can expect a bigger MacBook Pro, a new display and upgrades to iPhones, iPads and AirPods.

Let’s start with the Mac. According to Kuo, Apple has been working on a MacBook Pro with an all-new design. It’s unclear if those future models will retain the same keyboard, as many users have been complaining about the reliability of the butterfly keyboard.

But Kuo learned there will be a bigger model, with a 16 to 16.5-inch display. Let’s hope that Apple is going to trim down the bezels around the display.

TechCrunch already reported that Apple will release a new Mac Pro in 2019. But Kuo believes the company is also going to release a high-end display to go with this Mac Pro. It could be a gigantic 31.6-inch display with a 6K resolution.

When it comes to iPhones, Kuo believes that Apple will release three models just like in 2018. They should retain the same screen sizes and Lightning connector. Some models may have three camera sensors on the back of the device. Face ID and wireless charging could both receive an upgrade with bilateral wireless charging.

It means that you could charge a second device using your phone, which is a great idea when you know that updated AirPods with a wireless charging case are also coming in 2019.

On the iPad front, the entry-level 9.7-inch iPad could become a 10.2-inch iPad with slimmer bezels. iPad Pro models will receive an update with faster processors.

As previously reported, a new iPad mini is still on the road map, as well as an updated iPod touch. Finally, it sounds like the Apple Watch might only receive a minor update with ECG coming to international markets as well as a return of the ceramic option for the next version of the Apple Watch.

With the weather perking up and our commute to and from work finally being in daylight, it’s time to ditch the boots and give those ankles an airing. 

Whether you’re looking for strappy heels for a weekend wedding, printed mules for wearing to brunch or loafers for work, here are 22 pairs of shoes that’ll help you step stylishly into spring.

Zara is helping us continue our love affair with animal print well into summer with these leather mules – wear with culottes, jeans or even midi skirts and prepare to be bombarded with compliments.

If you’re looking to steer away from black shoes this spring, why not try something a little lighter? These beige mules from H&M come with a stylish split and are priced at a wallet friendly £14.99. If you’re a stickler for darker colours, they come in black too.
These mules are less pointy than others on the market meaning your toes (hopefully) won’t feel claustrophobic. Plus they’re repping faux snake skin, which is kind of a big deal right now. 
A beautiful treat from ASOS Design, these woven bad boys are breathable and wipeable if you get them dirty. Winning.

After a crash-filled Daytona 500 this year (there were three major crashes in the last 10 laps alone), a victor has emerged from the wreckage. Denny Hamlin managed to win the big race in overtime. Here’s everything you need to know about him.

This isn’t his first Daytona 500 win. Denny also won the annual race back in 2016.

This year, Denny won the checkered flag for Joe Gibbs Racing, just a month after after Joe Gibbs’ oldest son J.D. passed away at 49 after a battle with a neurological disease. After climbing out of his car post-victory, Denny said, “This one’s for J.D. We’re desperately going to miss him the rest of our lives.”

Denny hilariously joked about why he’s unpopular among NASCAR fans on Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s podcast. “I always look at videos they have of me or pictures that are taken, and I look like I’m pissed off all the time,” Denny admitted on the Dale Jr. Download. “And I’m like, ‘Yeah, I probably wouldn’t approach him either.’”

He has two children. Denny and his longtime girlfriend Jordan Fishshare a daughter Taylor James Hamlin, 6, and Molly Gold Hamlin, 1.

5. He has wracked up so many wins in his accomplished career. In his 13 seasons, he’s amassed 32 Cup wins, including two Daytona 500 races and two Southern 500 races (2010, 2017). We’ll keep you posted with all of the latest news in the world of NASCAR. In the meantime, check out all of the photos from Denny’s recent Daytona 500 win in our gallery above.

Scottie Pippen, 53, just ignited a fire under the ongoing GOAT debate concerning Michael Jordan, 55, and LeBron James, 34. — At least for LeBron fans. Pippen joined the crew of ESPN’s First Take on February 14, live from NBA All-Star weekend in Charlotte, when the topic of the greatest NBA player of all-time was brought up. Usually, the conversation surrounding the GOAT involves MJ and LBJ, but Pippen, who won six championships with MJ, took the discussion in a different direction when he said LeBron doesn’t even compare to Lakers great, Kobe Bryant.

“When I look at LeBron, he’s not what Michael was as a player,” Pippen said on Thursday in front of a live crowd. “He’s not even what Kobe Bryant was as a player. “So, when you talk about trying to compare Michael’s instinct, his ability to take over games, his ability to want to have that last shot. LeBron doesn’t have that gene. That’s not in him.”

Instead, Pippen said, “Kobe has that gene,” adding, “I see a little bit of it inPaul George, Kawhi [Leonard], [Russell] Westbrook. … Not too many players go on the basketball court with that.” Pippen continued: That’s the only thing I knock LeBron about is not having that clutch gene. But, a lot of players don’t have that clutch gene and a lot of players don’t have that opportunity to even develop that clutch gene.”

Watch the moment below, and then see why LeBron fans are saying Pippen was whistling a much different tune when he appeared on the same show [First Take], last season.
Fans vent off on Twitter after Pippen’s comments on First Take. And, many accused him of playing both sides of the fence when it comes to the GOAT debate. Why? — Well, here’s what fans meant by Pippen flip-flopping between MJ and LBJ.

Also during the ESPN segment, Pippen criticized James for his lack of effort during a game earlier this week, which resulted in the Los Angeles Lakers loss, 117-113 against the Atlanta Hawks. “I can sit here and say today, I watched LeBron the other night. The game was on the line. And he made little or no effort to go after the ball,” Pippen explained.

ESPN host Max Kellerman defended James, claiming the three-time NBA champ has already played more minutes than Jordan did in his entire career. But, Pippen hit back.

“It’s not that,” he replied to Kellerman. “It’s that clutch gene. I’m not taking it away that he don’t know how to win, and he’s not willing to have the ball in his hands. But the players that have that clutch gene, they’re gonna go get that ball.”

America’s problems with solving our climate crisis predate President Trump and go deeper than petty snark. Yes, it’s a problem when the president of the United States sees a vicious cold snap and uses it as an opportunity to mock climate change. (Especially when the cold snap is itself linked to climate change.) But it’s also a problem when the government doesn’t keep good track of how much it’s spending to fight climate change. That could be said about the Trump administration — and several others before it.

“We collect a lot of useful information, but we don’t make it available in useful ways,” said Alfredo Gomez, director of the natural resources and environment team at the Government Accountability Office, a federal agency that investigates and evaluates the government for Congress. Back in 2015, his team found that even basic climate data like satellite observations and climate model predictions are fragmented across federal agencies in ways that make it difficult to share information with everyone who might need it. But last spring, the GAO published a report focused on financial accounting that detailed just how muddled the government’s data on climate change spending can be — and how that means Americans (citizens and politicians alike) are woefully ignorant of what the government is and isn’t doing to reduce the risks.

When he was hired in May to coach the Milwaukee Bucks, Mike Budenholzer inherited a promising but underachieving core of young players led by Giannis Antetokounmpo. The Bucks — who have not won a playoff series since 2001 — had just suffered yet another postseason disappointment and hoped a coaching change would help them escape perpetual mediocrity.

To say the results have been encouraging would be an understatement. Budenholzer has implemented a new and more modern offensive strategy that is utilizing Antetokounmpo’s unique talents like never before. Under Budenholzer this season, the Bucks are scoring at a conference-leading rate of 113.2 points per 100 possessions. The team has the best record in the NBA, has won 10 of its last 11, and has already beaten conference rivals Boston, Philadelphia and Toronto (three times now). Milwaukee is heading into All-Star weekend as perhaps the most intimidating team in the Eastern Conference.

So, yes, the coaching change has worked. But what exactly has Budenholzer done — and why is it working so well for the Bucks? One strategic change was clear even back in the preseason when Budenholzer rolled out his new offense.

“Coach Bud wants us to shoot more 3s,” Milwaukee guard Malcolm Brogdon told Eric Nehm of The Athletic. “A lot more 3s.”